Smithed Wiki#

✨ Your all-in-one guide to the Smithed ecosystem ✨

Welcome to the Smithed ecosystem, a tool for Minecraft: Java Edition pack developers. Our ecosystem includes a database of packs, a launcher for easy installation, and a set of standards to improve compatibility between packs. Whether you're a seasoned pack developer or just starting out, Smithed has something to offer.

📙 ・ Conventions

Common conventions for pack developers to follow increasing compatibility in the wild

📚 ・ Libraries

An optional set of "standard" libraries for pack creators to use

🔧 ・ Weld

A novel way of merging packs providing extra compatibility benefits

📝 ・ Guides

Distilled guides for specific pack making techniques

・ Discord

Checkout our Discord community for the latest updates!

・ Github

Contribute to us on Github. We are proudly Open Source!

🫂 ・ Contributing

Want to help us improve these docs? Checkout our contribution docs!

🌐 ・ Website

Start playing with Smithed packs through our website!