Pack IDs#


Extra id metadata to include in your pack.mcmeta


Every pack should include this field in their pack.mcmeta


For the pack, The Creeper's Code, the id field in pack.mcmeta should be "tcc"

Pack IDs are simply a new field to be added to pack.mcmeta to help identify packs. Just add id as a top level field and use a unique string that represents your pack. This id should be stable (it shouldn't change) once you have published your pack and it should match the id chosen when uploading your pack to Smithed.

    "id": "my-pack",
    "pack": {
        "pack_format": "...",
        "description": "my cool pack"

The Why#

While pack ids seem like a minor addition, it gives us the ability to identity a pack in the simplest manner possible. Since packs don't need to register their own namespace, there's no other way to identify a pack other than it's directory or zip name (which has several other issues, since players can rename zips).

Pack creators adding an id field will allow us to build tooling to understand packs making tools such as weld more powerful in recognizing and correctly merging packs.

See also

Weld uses pack ids to be able to set priorities and pack conditions possible. This lets your pack to be able to rely on other packs (such as ensuring your pack runs after tcc, for example).