Merge multiple packs together into a single, tidy zip!

Weld is a tool that makes it easy to combine multiple packs into a singular zip, for both data and resource packs. It implements the same merging policies that vanilla performs when loaded into the game. On top of this, it includes a set of custom merging tools and other quality of life inclusions to enchance compatibility amongst packs.


Weld is mainly available as a web-app here.

Local Usage#

Weld is also a command-line tool that requires Python 3.10+ or higher to run. We recommend pipx as the preferred way to install weld.

pipx install smithed

Once installed, you can run weld from the command line.

weld --help
weld *.zip  # weld all zip files in the current directory


Weld implements all of the vanilla merging rules:

  • tag files merge the contents of the values array ignoring duplicates

    • Ordering of values is based on load order

  • model files merge the overrides with custom_model_data defined

    • custom_model_data are properly ordered to correctly display them

  • language files merge the contents of keys

  • font files extend the providers field

  • atlas files extend the sources field ignoring duplicates

  • All json files supports the custom __smithed__ weld rules

    • Generally used for loot_tables

To learn more about the custom merging rules, continue to the next page!