Adding friendly prefixes to names of content in your pack


On file paths, tags, scores, teams, and storage


tcc as a namespace for the tcc.dummy scoreboard

Namespacing is when you prefix your content with something in order to prevent the collision of names.

Your packs should have a consistent and clear namespace which can be attributed towards you. These can be based off of your pack name, your author name, some sort of abbreviation commonly attributed towards your pack, etc.


Here are a short list of namespaces currently used in the pack ecosystem.


My pack's name is "The Creeper's Code", so I'll use "tcc" as my prefix

# Instead of
scoreboard objectives add dummy dummy
# You need to use
scoreboard objectives add tcc.dummy dummy 

Changes like this prevent other packs from overwriting your scores and tags.


Namespacing storage is similar..

# Instead of
data merge storage data {foo: "bar"}
# You should use
data merge storage tcc:data {foo: "bar"}

Things required to be prefixed#

  • File paths (namespace:function or author.namespace:function)

  • Tags @e[tag=namespace.example]

  • Scores

  • Teams

  • Storage